Wednesday was stressful. It happens. Drawing cartoons has that banjo-playing ant’s sensibilities (and why I deliver pizza) and I was stressing out. The truck broke. The Kinkos guys were being a bunch of tool-biscuits. I had a headache. I was hungry. So, I needed to stress eat. It happens.

Burger Supreme is the answer (map). When I have money and I have a need for beef, Burger Supreme is where I BurgersSupremeOutside1go. Burger Supreme is set up like every other fast food burger bar, except the food is better. Here are a few notes:

  • The servers are safely behind the counter.
  • The menu is unpretentious, but I don’t ever read it.
  • The booths are tightly bolted to the floor, but there are more than enough free-range tables and chairs.
  • The big-screen sound is turned off.
  • There are plenty of napkins at the table.
  • The light is moderate and not McDonalds glaring.
  • The floor is clean.

The most important thing though is the Pastrami Burger. Oh, hell yes! As far as I’m concerned, this is the best Pastrami Burger in Utah Valley and why I always choose a booth in case I float away in a euphoric burger high.

The Denny’s across the road can not compare. Burger Supreme has character and I have known many of the employees since I went to BYU in the early 90s. Burger Supreme is still a fast food place, but is a better eat than most other restaurants in Utah Valley.

Burger Supreme is located at 1796 North University Parkway, Provo, Utah 84604, reachable at (801) 373-5713.

The Grades:

  • Pastrami Burger — A+ (best burger in Utah Valley)
  • Gyro — B (best in Utah Valley, but not the best possible)
  • House Fries — C (industry standard)
  • Fry Sauce — A (also the best in Utah Valley)
  • Coke Zero — B
  • Overall — 3.5 Denny’s.

Is the restaurant:

  • good for kids — yes (there were many families present)
  • good for a business lunch — no (not pretentious enough)
  • good for a date — yes (but only if she likes a good burger)
  • cheap — sure (but who cares in this case)
  • clean — yes (industry standard)
  • open late — yes (10a-10:30p M-Th & ‘til 11p F-Sa, closed Sunday)

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