Trump the Faux-Publican & His Minions

How is Donald Trump still hanging around?

I don’t get it?

It’s not like he’s a rabid conservative like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz. He isn’t a fiscal conservative at all. Trump’s programs and ideas will cost the United States trillions. Well, If the media economists can be believed.

Trump espouses the power of the state and a powerful central government; there’s a whiff of 1930s authoritarianism about him and he sounds like a Democrat most of the time.

Except for the racist stuff.

And the misogynist bits.

He isn’t really a Republican.

So what is he?

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Trump’s Minions

Well, Trump says he’s a registered Republican. Okay, that’s fine, since here are Republicans who like him.


Who are these Republicans?

Who keeps telling the pollsters they like Donald Trump?

I know only one Trump minion, but he never votes and doesn’t plan to vote this time because his single vote in Utah means nothing since Utah is such a huge traditional Republican state. And it is. But, I still vote, anyway, and there’s nothing traditional about me.

Back in August and September, I was thinking about Trump’s minions quite a bit and found an August 26th, 2015 article by Robert Tracinski in the Federalist.

The link to Tracinski’s article and all the other articles I refer to in this video are listed below under the heading “works cited.”

1) Ignorant Minions

Tracinski claims there are six types of Trump minions. The first type is the “low-Information Voters” or ignorant minions.

“Low-information minions” don’t care about issues or politics, but recognize the Donald’s name from TV. The good thing about these minions is they rarely vote. Pop-culture and sports media fanboys and fangirls don’t care about the world around them so long as it does not interfere with their entertainment programming.

2) Rude Minions

The second type are Anti-PC Conservatives or Rude Minions.

There are a lot of traditional conservatives who demand a tough-talking fighter who’ll get things done. Trump is aping this quite well.

The problem for Trump with these minions, is they will actually contemplate the issues and recognize Trump is not conservative and is kind of a goon and so move over to Ted Cruz.

3) Neutered Minions

The third type is the pissed-off, non-voting, non-ideological independent or Neutered Minions.

Now these minions never vote, but think they might if someone finally says something they like and since what Trump says is so vague, non-technical and often funny . . . what’s not to like?

However, Trump doesn’t want these minions because come election day, these minions will forget there is an election going on and not take the time out of their day to vote. I mean . . . there are more important things going on like work and crap on TV. Maybe a guild raid on World of Warcraft. Maybe something interesting on social-media.

4) The Anti-Immigrationist Minion

The fourth type is the single-issue, “anti-immigration fanatic” or anti-immigrationist minions.

These minions are really in the tank for Trump and they’ll vote for him because they think the United States is being overrun by Mexicans. 11 million undocumented, unsolicited immigrants sounds like a lot even if a chunk of them is not really from Mexico and Latin-America.

In the past, this same voting block hated the Irish, Italians and Chinese, claiming none of these immigrant groups will ever become real Americans.

Whatever that means.

The one Trump minion I know is one of these voters, except he never votes.

Yeah. What a pack of morons.

5) Whites-Only Quasi-Racist Minions

The fifth type are those who view the Republican party as a white person’s party or whites-only quasi-racist minions.

These minions vote Republican because they vote for people just like them. People who look just like them. Minions who think their candidate has to represent and advocate for white people and white values.

I understand these guys the least and I’m white. I watch identity politics closely and listen for nuanced differences between the different overlapping collectives of disenfranchised, marginalized demographic groups. Honkies like me can rarely claim to be disenfranchised or marginalized unless we also happen to be women and/or part of the LBGT community.

Because the press and popular media are now embracing LBGT communities and minority groups, white-only quasi-racist minions feel marginalized and hated.

This is one of the reasons white-only quasi-racist Republicans are so angry. Marginalization hurts and the whites-only quasi-racist minion is not used to it.

The problem is there is no “white” ideology . . . well, there is, but . . . okay, I’ll get to that later.

I hate the white-only quasi-racist minions, because though I’m white, I’m also a religious minority and so I’m way on the outs with this group, because they don’t think I’m Christian enough.


6) KKK Minions

The sixth type Tracinski identifies are racists or KKK minions.

These minions don’t normally vote because neither party ever runs on the “White Power” platform.


Or well, not since the Democrats were propping up Jim Crow.

Fortunately, the KKK is very tiny as are the rest of the hard-core bigoted minions out there.

The KKK minion impact is negligible and can be, should be ignored. What about the other minion groups? The ignorant minions will vote democrat once the A-List celebrities start swinging for Hillary big time. The rude minions will start using their brains and vote for Cruz or someone else. The neutered minions never vote anyway, so who cares about them. The two groups that are really in the bag for Trump are the Anti-Immigrationist Minions and the whites-only, Quasi-Racist minions.

The challenge for Trump is to make sure these guys actually go out and vote in the primaries. Yeah, both groups vote in the general elections, but rarely vote in the primaries.

I wonder if the Donald knows?

Minion Demographics

According to a Real Clear Politics article written by David W. Brady and Douglas Rivers on September 9th.

“Trump’s [minions] are a bit older, less educated and earn less than the average Republican. About half are between 45 and 64 years of age, with another 34 percent over 65 years old and less than 2 percent younger than 30. . . . One half of his [minions] have a high school education or less, compared to 19 percent with a college or post-graduate degree. Slightly over a third of his minions earn less than $50,000 per year, while 11 percent earn over $100,000 per year. Definitely not country club Republicans, but not terribly unusual either.”

So . . . 84% of Trump’s minions are 45 or older, most are not very educated and most are middle-class. Cross this with anti-immigrationist and whites-only quasi-racist minions and you get a demographic not noted for critical thinking.

Simply: the perfect minion.

Trump the Liar

This entire election cycle, I’ve been suspicious of the truthiness of Trump’s claims. Some of the stuff he’s been spewing I know is just simply false. It turns out that I’m not alone.

According to a Huffingtonpost Article written by Nick Wing on November 23rd that quotes Politifact quite extensively, concluding Trump has yet to say anything completely true.

Check out this graph:

If you add it up, from mostly false to pants on fire, Trump’s statements are lies 74% of the time and is only sorta truthful 26% of the time. In my book this makes Trump the King of Pie-in-the-Sky. Emperor Pipe-Dreamer.

Trump’s minions — anti-immigrantionists and whites-only quasi-racists — are fine with a Liar being the President of the United States. This means to me, Trump’s minions are so ignorant, so angry and so bigoted, they just don’t care their candidate is a liar.

Trump The White Social Justice Warrior

So what about these “Whiteness” social justice minions who see Trump as their savior? Is there a whitenss ideology a whites-only quasi-racist minion can follow? Right now?

I don’t know, but there was one in the past: European Fascism.

Trump builds on Fascism in several ways, one is creating and broadening his cult of personality and another is by scapegoating minorities.

Check out this new ad from John Kasich.

Obviously Kasich thinks Trump is a Fascist, but he is not alone. On November 25th, today, CNN’s MJ Lee lists a number of Republican Conservatives who have been making this claim for a while. I don’t think Trump is a fascist . . . yet. YET.

Trump is still engaging the democratic process. Fascists typically ignore democracy. So, while I do not think Trump is a Facist, there are many people who do. Time will tell, but I guess you could call Trump fascist-lite.

Now, I do think Trumps minions are idiots. I tell the one Trump minion I know on a regular basis.

Trump himself?


Trump is an idiot.

A simple demagogue.

A loudmouth.

A punk.

The New York Times Editorial Board said the following on November 24th: “[The Trump] phenomenon is in fact nothing new. Politicians targeting minorities, foreigners or women have always existed in the culture. And every generation or so, at least one demagogue surfaces to fan those flames.” Like the editorial board, I’m not trying to shut Trump down, I am only adding my resistance to his candidacy. Simply, I will vote for any Democrat or third-party lunatic over Donald Trump if he is the Republican nominee.

I might register as a Republican to make sure and add my vote during the primaries to hopefully halt Trump from winning here in Utah. Keep in mind, I don’t mind voting for any political party or candidate, but I have to believe in the candidate.

And I hate ideologues. Trump obviously isn’t a conservative, he might be a liberal, but he definitely has the stench of fascism about him even if he isn’t one.

I will not vote for an ideologue, liar, idiot, bigot or personality cultist.

Frankly, I don’t believe a thing coming out of Donald Trump’s mouth and don’t think anyone else should either.


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